Strengthened and Encouraged by God’s Word

Many weeks before the Man of God prophetically declared May as our month of worshipful praise and thanksgiving, my family was going through a succession of troubling events. Many turned to the Lord for a solution, after unsuccessfully trying other ways.

Recommended by the Man of God and concerting with my family, I entered a phase of thanksgiving on behalf of my family. It was my desire that, for the name of the Lord, the Father will preserve everyone and keep them all whole. It was with this mindset that I began following the MOTHERS OF NATIONS webinar.

Through the webinar, I was instructed all the more about who I am as a woman. I learned that I am not defined by the natural because I am supernatural and that the life of Christ in me cancels every single effect of death and sin in my family. I also now know that my family and I dwell in the eternal life of Christ where there’s now no limit nor fear. My union with Christ is not deficient of anything, that’s why I choose to rejoice in eternal life.

Through the teachings of the Woman of God on the power of an endless life, the erroneous notions I had concerning death and life were truly deconstructed. Now there is a constant ability to be at peace and in joy no matter the circumstance I face. The experience of the power of an endless life is found in the knowledge of Christ. I am filled with all fullness in my union with Christ. My life together with that of my family members, will not be cut short because we are the expression of Christ in this world. This webinar placed in me the assurance that we are untouchable, Abba Father.

I thank God for this last edition of Mothers of Nations, that many women around me were able to participate in it, whether live or offline. I thank God for the united women prayer group initiative in which I also actively participate. Discussing with other sisters and the participation of each member is warm and edifying. This challenges us at various levels, leading us to give ourselves for the furtherance of the Gospel.

I am forever grateful to the Lord, for giving me spiritual parents who are so committed to the cause of the Gospel and cannot be stopped by any obstacle. I thank God for the eyes of my understanding are continuously enlightened at the hearing of the Gospel, that keeps transforming my life and that of my family too. Thank you Dr. Annie SMITH, thank You Father!