Thanking God for Union with Christ in God

It is with great joy to respond to the grace of God with thanksgiving. I begin by expressing my gratitude for the sent ones, Apostles Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith. I am so thankful to the Father that He raised a man with me in mind. Not only have I been privileged to listen to them and learn, I also get to watch them and see the grace of God that is being preached expressed in everything domain of life. I thank the Father for this lineage and the blessing that they are for this generation and every other generation to come.

I am grateful for the message. Learning about the grace of God has led me into a total life transformation. As a young teenager, I had this moment when I thought about Jesus and envied Him saying, “He is the Son of God; He has a relationship with God; God is His Father! How wonderful!” I was glad that God was my God, but I wish I had what Jesus had. Years later, I came to Gospel of Christ Ministries and heard this man standing on the pulpit and saying that I have the same position and the same possession with Jesus Christ.  Although shocked, I sat down and was progressively brought to the understanding of what it means to be in Christ. This message has changed everything. The way I see myself, the world and others. I love God more and more as I experience His love; I love myself, I love people, I love my job, I love life.

I am so thankful for the perfect work of our Lord Jesus Christ and to think this salvation includes all brought this rest to my whole existence. I am grateful that the Father cares that we should know this Gospel, so He has put everything in place to see to it that we hear and understand and experience the wonderful reality.

Coming to the knowledge of the fact that I am called on behalf of others and given the immeasurable privilege to live a life of purpose under this mandate overwhelms me with gratitude. I thank the Father for the great privilege of participating in taking this Gospel to the world; I thank Him for every outreach. I give praise to the Father.

This year has been full of the supernatural in every domain. I received understanding and thus transformation at such a high speed; I have prayed for people and situations and experienced lifesaving changes with such ease; I have experienced quantum leaps in my career. I am thankful for preservation and healing in my family.

As for me I just stopped getting sick and realised I was looking younger and always feeling strong. I am grateful for peace in our nation Cameroon. In this season, for this year and always I appreciate the Father for His faithfulness.


Douala, Cameroon