Thanking the Father for His love, Mercy and Grace

I would like to thank Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith for engendering us in this Gospel. It is the best thing that has happened to us as a family. Listening to your teachings on CDs and reading your books, our lives have been preserved in the knowledge of our true identity. Our story is completely different now.

I thank the Father for as Dr. Shawn Smith declared, “what seems to be the worst of times has been indeed the best of times”. This has been the case for me. My family members appreciate the Gospel and trust that this life we now live in the flesh is indeed the life of Christ and not ours. Christ lives through us to will and to do His good pleasures.

By the grace of God, none is touched by the pandemic, none has experienced even a head ache. 

I also thank God because my father is learning to trust and rely on Him in everything. He is beginning to understand that God is the owner of the life we now live. After an unfortunate incident in which I lost a huge sum of money in my company, my father did not react in the way he would normally do, hurting those who hurt him and his family without a second thought. I’m so grateful to God for this. This message preached to us is indeed the power of God unto salvation because I wonder how I would have been after that unfortunate incident. I can boldly proclaim that we cannot be put to shame standing with God and committed to His purpose. He takes care of our business as we are mindful of His own. He quieted my boss to the incident, and it’s almost like nothing happened. This has given me time to sort out ways to repay the loss. 

To our mother, Dr. Annie Smith, God in the Man Christ Jesus has been doing one thing till today which is Blessing us immeasurably in different dimensions through you. After the Mothers of Nations Seminar, the Father through you taught me the source of the life that I live, the power associated to that life and the endlessness of that life. I fell ill due to the distraction from the life of Christ in me as a result of debts incurred from the incident mentioned earlier. But by the mercy of God, your words resounded in my heart and mind, leading to a thirty-minutes meditation after which my whole body was reinstated to perfect health till date.

I thank the Father for health renewed in my seven months old little nephew. Medicine and science failed in all their attempts to give a proper diagnosis of what was wrong with him for three months plus. I could go on and on talking about the wonders and generosity of the Father in my life and that of my family through the Sent Ones. We’re so blessed to receive the kind of teachings we receive from you, seeing the efficacious results of believing, trusting and committing to it. We stand fearless, undaunted and fully committed to the propagation of this Gospel. Thank you very much Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith
I honour the Christ in you.