Thanksgiving : Answered Prayer Guaranteed

“I now enjoy my prayer life”

Prior to the end of month webinar entitled “Answered Prayer Guaranteed”, what I knew concerning prayer was that, as a Christian one has to pray for others (family, nation and the world at large). With this perspective I saw prayer as dependent on me, which created a sense of obligation. I saw it as an activity I have to carry out on my part for the benefit of others.

During the end of month webinar, I experienced a paradigm shift from how I previously viewed prayer, based on what the Man of God taught on prayer. He explained that Prayer is God giving us the front row seat in His household government to manage and administrate the affairs of the earth. 

He said that prayer is possible because of the Triune God of Grace. The divine Eikon was imprinted into our nature that we may have the same fellowship in the communion of his being. Abba Father!!! My prayer life has been transformed because I no longer see prayer as an obligation or a mere activity. Rather, I now view it as participation, a communion the Father has called me to partake of and enjoy together with Him. 

The Father designed me for this and just knowing this supplants the sense of obligation and implants that sense of privilege of being a co-creator with the Father. I now enjoy my prayer life because it is always a privilege to partner in what the Father is doing. Knowing that He is the one praying through me establishes a strong sense of trust and dependence on Him. I just want to thank God for donating Himself in the Man of God, Apostle Dr. Shawn Smith and for making him a gift not only to this household of faith but to the world at large. Glory be to God.