Thanksgiving: The Man, His Message and His Mandate


Last Thanksgiving Service at Gospel of Christ Ministries’ head quarters in Douala gathered the saints from across the nation and thousands more online. It was a moment of rejoicing and expression of gratitude to the Lord for the Man, the Message and the Mandate, for the testimony of Christ in the saints, in the different realms of life. The thankful voices were heard appreciating the Father for salvation, soundness of mind, wholeness of the body through healings, family reconciliations, restitutions and financial increases.


Dr. Shawn Smith delivered a sermon which he entitled: The Man, His Message and His Mandate, with reference to the Apostle Paul. The Man of God emphasized on the peculiarity of the message which has re-emerged in our time again. He also revealed to the Church the different phases of the message, with the last but not the least being the dispensation of the mystery, which does not focus on “the Jew first and the Gentiles”, but is for the global ministry of Jesus Christ. The Man of God spoke emphatically about the Gospel gaining grounds world-wide and he put the saints in remembrance that it is not for the faint of heart.

“Faithfulness to the message is the number one prerequisite. The Father is looking for workmen with the prerequisite of faithfulness.” – Dr. Shawn Smith