The Goodness of the Good News

I want to thank God for the past Easter Webinar, and for the opportunity to watch it once more. On the first day, the Man of God said that the blood of Jesus was an offering of the Godhead to humanity. On the second day, he told us that “God loves us – mere creatures – more than He loves Himself”. To me, this was overwhelming. 
We have been taught in the world that man is nothing in the eyes of God. I watched several cartoons and read lots of comics that always portray the notion of a god that is waiting for man to impress him. To someone who has never heard the Gospel, this could be normal since this is what the world teaches. But during this seminar, you have shown us to what extent God is willing to go to show His love for us, mere creatures. He wholly gave Himself to us. I mean, what a God! This is really THE GOOD NEWS and there is nothing else to hear. I bless the Lord for the privilege to be under your Apostleship. There is no better place to be.