The Joy of Service

We want to thank the Father for the truth of the Gospel. The understanding of all that Christ was made by the Father for all men, in which we are included, has changed the way we view ourselves and the way we view the world. This understanding has made us know there is no one that can’t be impacted by the Gospel, and this gives us the strength to go on presenting the Gospel in words and in deed to everyone around us.

We thank the Father for Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith for so great an impact they are to us first as a family and to this world. We remain very grateful.

The Father gave us opportunities to serve under the sent one and in the household of faith. We are thankful that we have a paradigm shift in our understanding of what service is all about. We have understood that service is not about what we could have or gain, but how the Gospel could impart others. We are thankful for the evolution that our service is taking, thanks to the true understanding of service that we have acquired thus far. We keep growing in this desire to serve according to what the Father intends as service.

We cannot start outlining the impact that this gospel has made in the various domains of our lives. There is tremendous transformation and we are grateful to the Father for His infallible word. Every word that has been declared for every month of the year has been like a pavement set before us by the Father to walk on, a path clearly traced out and as we walk on it, the evidences of the Gospel cannot be hidden from our eyes and to the world around us. We would forever be appreciative of all we have become because of the impact of One.

E.Y. Family

Bamenda, Cameroon