The Power of a Renewed Mind

Many weeks before we started the Church In The Home (CITH), I had symptoms in my body. Most of them were actually symptoms of the pandemic. During that period, the Man of God told us to pray with Psalm 91 thrice a day, which was during the Lent period.

One day, I began meditating on the words of Psalm 91 and how it applied to me in that circumstance. That Psalm states that “no evil shall come near my dwelling”.
I must admit, I had already begun entertaining fearful thoughts about the situation. I, however, realized that God wasn’t saying in that Psalm that I will feel the symptoms of the pandemic and overcome it. No! He said that I wouldn’t be touched by the sickness at all! I immediately adjusted my mind to that reality and everything returned to order.

At the very beginning of our gatherings in the home, the Man of God gave an exhortation emphasizing the preservation that is ours in Christ. He said that we are overwhelmingly victorious in all circumstances, that even if we were at the epicenter of a pandemic, we wouldn’t be touched. He added that we are out of the reach of the assaults of death. These words built an unshakable assurance in me. I entered an undisturbed rest knowing that I could go on with my daily activities while respecting the social distance measures implemented by the government, without fearing the risk of contamination. Once these words found rest in me, my mind was readjusted to who I have been made in Christ and of His life that flows in me.

I am speechless in view of this revelation which is so alive and experiential. I am endlessly grateful to the Lord for giving us spiritual parents that are so committed to His cause with us in mind. Thank you for your consistency in watching diligently over our souls.
Thank You, Abba Father!