The Power of a Renewed Mind

I am grateful to God for I have learned and understood the in-Christ realities. I can now boldly say I am at rest in the son. Through this gospel, fear and worry have been eradicated from my life. The Man of God, Dr. Shawn Smith, made a statement during one of his teachings about learning to live a worry free life: he said, “a sound mind is one which does not accept or tolerate anything inferior”. This statement immediately catapulted me into a state of bliss and since then, every aspect of my life has changed significantly.

I also want to thank the Father for He has preserved me and my family entirely and kept us separated from that which can want to cause harm or evil. He has also provided for us, as we have not known lack. He also gave me the courage to face my challenges based on the Gospel of our Lord and at every moment I saw myself triumphant in the midst of turmoil.

I equally want to render thanks to the Father for placing me to learn Christ through Gospel of Christ Ministries under the apostolic mandate of apostles Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith. All the above experiences would not have been possible without them. I am most grateful, Father, and I earnestly say, thank You Lord, because I’ve truly surpassed all.



Yaounde, Cameroon