The Revelation of the Mystery of Christ

Thanking God for the Revelation of the Mystery of Christ.

What could I be? What could I be? What would I be doing without this gospel?

As I stop to ponder over these questions, I began to see that I have been taken out of nothing into everything, out of darkness into light, out of that which is corruptible, defined by man’s senses into that which incorruptible, infinite and having eternal implications. This would not have happened without the man and woman of God Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith, the ones Father God has chosen to pick us out of corruption, out of limitation to introduce us into the beauty of Christ, into incorruptibility, into the circle of generational blessings. 

Father, from the depths of my heart, my entire family and I come before you to say thank you for this holy family. Thank you for everything they have been able to withstand, every circumstance all challenge they have faced just because they want us, and every family named under heaven to see the beauty of your face. With the little understanding I hold in mind and by the gift of the Holy Spirit, I say thank you.

For the lives, for the nations that have been touched this year through the Gospel you entrusted to your sent one, Father we say thank you. Thank you for the privilege to be part of this ministry, this divine mandate you have entrusted to them. Lord, I am grateful for being part of something bigger than myself. Each day, through your sent one, you open our eyes to see this limitlessness of your grace the infinite nature of your love.

Eternal Father, I thank you for the stability, the security and preservation I have witnessed happen in my family from the day this gospel met me. Even in the midst of war and insecurity, you have preserved my loved ones, and not only them but you have kept the entire community save. Thank you lord the words of preservation, of wholeness and security that proceeds from your sent one to keep this family safe. Thank you Lord.




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