Total Life Transformation

Charis shalom, Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith. At the end of each month, I tell myself that I absolutely have to give a testimony on the fulfillment of the word you preach to us daily. If I don’t do so often it is because I never know where to start, which testimony to give or leave. I have so many of them right now.

I experienced so many things in my life, resulting from hearing the word of God that you dispense. First, I have been comforted after losing three of my loved ones in such a short time. The word of God in this ministry makes me live every day. It quickens, animates and reanimates me when the life of the soul tries to stifle me.

My family and I experience divine preservation, especially my sons because although they play dangerous games, they never hurt themselves. Sometimes God shows me what could have happened, had angels not intervene. I can’t measure the greatness of His preservation. I am grateful to God because my daughter has learned English at the Gifted Kids Christian Academy in less than three months and was even amongst the three best students of her class.

After the Christ Commission International conference in Garoua in 2017, my mother-in-law started celebrating the Gospel which she listens to through a USB key. It is with humility that she has received it in her heart, although she has known the Lord for more than 25 years. She has gone from church to church in Douala and Yaounde, looking for deliverance for her daughters who went mad. Today, she rejoices in the message and has placed her trust in the truthfulness of the Gospel. I am also grateful to God for the privilege I have to serve in this ministry to which I belong. I have favour with my bosses thanks to the declarations of the Man of God, saying I have to surpass the expectations of the management at work.

I am happy to see my husband serving and to serve with him, using the opportunities opened before me to share the Gospel with my friends, colleagues and family members. I am full of ideas, inspiration, opportunities, strength and perceptions. I can face all of life’s challenges fearlessly, no matter how hard they are. I now fully enjoy God’s life, His love, peace and harmony in a progressive understanding of the Gospel, thanks to this message.

I am grateful for the truth that flows from God through your mouths, the love with which you bless us during every single ministration, I have never been so blessed like I am now. I compiled your declarations in a drive and I keep listening to them over and over again at home.

I am so filled with the goodness of God such that gratitude and praise reports just keep overflowing. Words are limited to express my gratitude. I will simply say THANK YOU and it is my prayer that my silence resounds in your hearts. God can do all things and it is my desire that He will grant me the opportunity, in which I will be allowed to perfectly demonstrate this gratitude which I couldn’t perfectly express in words.