Transformed by the Glorious Generosity of God

Taking a look at my life now, I see someone who has been transformed by the Gospel. I am grateful to be under this mandate and to receive from our parents in the Lord.

The awareness I have received from the knowledge of the love of God for me, has quieted my mind, and has brought order in my life.

I no longer get worked up over every little thing that happens to me or my surroundings. I trust in His mercy and love for me. I live with Christ as the center of everything. I now partake of that which the Father reserved for Himself.

During the last ministration of the man of God on the Glorious Generosity of God, it dawned on me that, all these years I had been living in the glorious generosity of God. I now understand that this generosity was God giving us His Son, Christ Jesus. In fact, Christ is the glorious generosity of God for mankind.