The Uncreated Energies of God in us

Last Sunday, after the ministration of the man of God on the Glorious Generosity of God, when I came back from our church in the home, not far from my home, I heard a lady crying out for the blood of Jesus. She was panicking.
After observing and while the neighbors came out from every place to inquire about the situation, a lady by my side shouted, “Lord! Who can save this woman from this situation?”

I was moved with compassion within me. So I got closer to see what it was all about and saw that her daughter was convulsing on the floor. I asked for the permission to pray and the neighbors walked away immediately. I held the child in my arms and after giving thanks, I declared the Spirit of life. The child began to regain strength gradually, and was able to sit down also, she recovered the use of her limbs, because she was frail and flaccid.

Back home around 6:00pm, I found the girl in question jumping around the neighborhood with other children. Her mother began to explain to me all the difficulties she faced and she asked that we pray together.
She gives thanks to God for the life of and the health of her children.
This experience reminded me that we carry the very presence of God within us. As our spiritual parents Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith have always taught us, healing the sick is the smallest of miracles. We should always respond to the promptings of the spirit in us.
We are blessed with all blessings.

Pastor Anderson
Douala – Cameroon