Whatever Divinity Touches is Healed

Charis shalom!

I will start by thanking the Father for this opportunity to share my joy. I thank Him for the privilege to sit under such a Man and Woman of God, Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith, who have brought me to the understanding of who God really is and the operation of His life in me.

Some time ago, I had inflated tonsils which caused pain, bad breath and discomfort. I was studying the book by the Man of God, Fathered by God, and I came to the chapter where he spoke of “Zoefication”. There, he mentioned that the life of God is absolute; it is a consuming life which swallows up death. Immediately, it dawned on me the statement the Man of God often uses “Whatever divinity touches is healed”.

It sprang up joy from within me and I began to rejoice. Without realizing it, the pain, bad breath and discomfort was all gone. This has changed the way I perceive the zoe life and the way I relate with it. I am not afraid of death anymore because I know whatever the life of God touches, it zoefies and I can say my body is filled with the absolute life of God.

Abba father!

Forlemu Vanessa