Christ Commission International

“Administer holy things to holy people, administer holy things to holy people.


“The mandate of Gospel of Christ Ministries is to present the revelation of Jesus Christ, the goodness of His person and the perfection of His work for the uplift of the glorious Church. This mandate includes a set of extensions, including Christ Commission International (CCI).


CCI is a program that fully reflects one of Professor Shawn Smith’s missions, namely the education of the body of Christ in general and, in this particular context, the education of clergy. This platform enables men and women called to the priesthood to understand the Gospel “clearly.” During the CCI sessions, sound doctrine is communicated without any amalgamation with the religions of which men are the authors. Beyond doctrine, it is an experience of the living Christ, a transmission of God’s love without which no minister can work effectively.

CCI’s experience is more than necessary in these times, for to win the world requires a consecrated priesthood and a unified community that moves forward with one heart and one mind.


Ten years ago, the author of The Shawn Smith compendium of Paul’s Epistles  created this platform to bring together ministers of the Gospel and infuse them with the spirit of Christ to transform their lives and ministry. CCI is one of the programs that God Himself has set up to train a new priesthood in our generation. This program is a center dedicated to training a global, apostolic community of New Testament ministers who minister by grace.

Since 2013, several countries have had the privilege of having this program organized in their midst. Among them, Cameroon, a blessed land, was the first. Then, CCI moved to other nations: Germany (Berlin), Liberia (Monrovia), Uganda (Kampala), Rwanda (Kigali), Kenya (Nairobi), United Arab Emirates (Dubai).


The life of this man of God is a seed whose fruits are undeniable in the lives of transformed men and women, visited ministries, and revealed Christ. The Church is equipped to impact the nations of the world. Accurate and precise knowledge of the Gospel produces a paradigm shift in thinking, making it a firm assurance of a better world.

Christ Commission International is a means by which the church conquers that which has been entrusted to us as sons of God: the world.

Some Pictures of CCI Conferences