Committed to the Lord Jesus Christ for the sake of the world, Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith have invested two decades edifying the body of Christ, transforming lives and ministries, perfecting the saints for the work of ministry, bringing help to those in need, in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.

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To present the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, the loveliness of His Person and the perfection of His Work…

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Our Extensions

Theosis Higher Institute

An educational organization that has a mission to reclaim the ancient apostolic and patristic vision of the cosmic and universal Lordship of Jesus Christ.


Christ Commission International is an international conference for the raising  of new testament ministers of The Gospel of Grace, with Grace.

A New World Altogether

Not a step without Love. Humanitarian and philanthropic outreaches toward widows, orphans, the underprivileged, and prisoners.


To impact the youth in the doctrine of Christ in order to thrive in society.

Latest Sermons

Transcending Dualism

Sermon • Sunday Service Speaker: Dr Shawn Smith

All things belong to you in Christ. You are Christ’s and Christ is God’s. Whatever belongs to Christ belongs to you. There is, therefore, nothing that is not already yours. Technically, wisdom is the only thing you can lack. However, God has given you all things in Christ. Christ Himself is your wisdom. The believer’s only need is his need to know.

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The Hundredfold Harvest

Sermon • Sunday Service Speaker: Dr Annie Smith

If you receive a gift for what it is, then, the purpose is attained. If there is no notion of receiving the one sent of God as a gift to convey His message, there will be no proper reception.

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Discerning the Wondrous Things Prepared for Us in Christ

Sermon • Sunday Service Speaker: Dr Shawn Smith

You will experience what you are aware of. In other words, you experience what you believe. This implies that even if what you believe is erroneous, it will still influence your subjective experience.

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This special collection of “The Father – Son relationship” comprises of nine (9) sessions…

The Life God

[Special Pack]

God pledged before the world began to perpetuate His Life to be shared in common with us in Christ…

Blessed With All Blessings is an exegetical commentary on Ephesians chapter one…

An Exegetical Commentary on the Apostolic, Doctrinal and Practical Instructions 

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