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Committed to “present the revelation of Christ Jesus, the loveliness of His Person and the Perfection of His work with excellence and clarity for the rising of the glorious Church” Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith have invested two decades edifying the body of Christ, transforming lives and ministries, perfecting the saints for the work of ministry, bringing help to those in need, in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.

Unmissable event of the year 2023

Festival of Blessings

The festival of blessing presents the primordial purpose of God for humanity, that is, Christ Jesus, who we are in Him not just historically, but from the cosmic origin of mankind; it is about the peace of God, the blessedness that comes from being in harmony with God, with oneself and with others…We have a special opportunity to see something special happen within our country”. Dr. Shawn Smith


Get ready for an unprecedented gathering of the Body of Christ, during which The Lord Jesus Christ will bestow His blessing on our beloved nation and those of the world.

Celebrating 20 years of public full time ministry

We are celebrating the man, the message and the mandate.

Two decades of the unveiling of the true Ekklesia.

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Agape Love is Therapeutic

Christ-Life Studies • Sermon Speaker: Drs Shawn & Annie Smith

God is love. Loving is at the very core of His being. It is His very nature, not just an aspect of His character. He is the Lover of mankind; He can do nothing else but love us. Divine love is the true essence of God. He is the communion of the Father eternally loving His Son in that interchange of the Holy Spirit.

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Transcending Dualism

Sermon • Sunday Service Speaker: Dr Shawn Smith

All things belong to you in Christ. You are Christ’s and Christ is God’s. Whatever belongs to Christ belongs to you. There is, therefore, nothing that is not already yours. Technically, wisdom is the only thing you can lack. However, God has given you all things in Christ. Christ Himself is your wisdom. The believer’s only need is his need to know.

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The Hundredfold Harvest

Sermon • Sunday Service Speaker: Dr Annie Smith

If you receive a gift for what it is, then, the purpose is attained. If there is no notion of receiving the one sent of God as a gift to convey His message, there will be no proper reception.

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Lives Transformed

Praise Report

Healed from a Mass in the Breast

Healing and Wholeness

When I got home, I told the mass, “Did you hear what my Father said? He has given
you 72hrs. So, I agree with my Father.”

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Financial Open Door


The Word of God came to me saying, “Do not be worried for anything, and that, “I shouldn’t
doubt when affirming God’s goodness.”

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Thanksgiving for Mind Transformation

Total Life Transformation

He said it was for someone specific. He said “Don’t
amplify pain, I will lead you through this mission.” I had been having severe pain on my
vertebral colon and it caused me a lot of discomfort.

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