Total Life Transformation

Sound mind

“The Lord is your shepherd,
you will not listen to the stranger’s voice.”

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Healing and Wholeness

Healed from a Heart Condition

I wish to thank the Man and Woman of God for opening my eyes through the glorious gospelto become aware of who I am in Christ. I have come to understand that Christ is my perfectresponse to every situation. I may not even have the capacity to believe but Father …

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Un Ordre de Faveur Institutionnelle Etrange

Pendant le séminaire de Pâques 2022, notre père l’Apôtre Dr Shawn Smith nous avait donné
l’instruction d’écrire sur un bout de papier les choses pour lesquelles nous faisions confiance à Dieu et
que nous souhaitions voir se réaliser avant la Pâques 2023.

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Divine Preservation

Complete Healing from Gastritis

During the “Blessed with all
Blessings” service with the Woman of God, the Sunday before she travelled to South Africa, she
mentioned during her ministration that God is healing gastritis.

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Church Life

The Joy of the Gospel

The man of God used to say, the term Gospel
means, “God’s spell” and the Gospel casts a spell of joy on its hearers. This has been my
experience as I continue to give myself to the hearing of the Gospel.

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Last modified: April 18, 2023

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