Our Mission (What we intend to accomplish through CCI):


To provide a global and apostolic communion of New Testament, ascension ministers: The purpose of this ecclesiastical communion is to create a forum by which ministers who have likeminded views can have a voice; so that when we come together we can make a declaration;

To provide a compatible ecclesiastical wineskin for all ministers in the body of Christ who believe in the message of grace entrusted to the Apostle Paul in the first Century of the Church age.

To provide a visible and functional unity of likeminded ministers in the revelation of grace; in this light it will be evident that the revelation that has been preached for more than ten years was not preached in a corner. Also, to create a framework for a ministerial identity beyond the churches that we represent individually;

To provide ministerial equipping and ecclesiastical credentials to such likeminded ministers who have fully demonstrated the credentials for such distinctions. To equally carry out full ecclesiastical ordination according to the traditions of the Church and according to the revelation of the gospel;

CCI has as mission to build bridges of understanding, friendship and alliances with ministers and churches, where possible, working together internationally and nationally; to develop forums of dialogue as well as structures and strategic initiatives to impact various regions with the gospel of grace;

Join forces through ministerial dialogue, symposiums, international conferences and congresses, to create an ever-expanding consciousness of the fullness of the gospel amongst the churched (the reached) and the unchurched (unreached).

To create a forum for ministerial interaction between likeminded ministries.

To provide quality educational products through our web presence: CDs, DVDs, radio & TV, the writing of strategic books and training material as well as the building of educational structures to train a new generation of New Testament ministers.

 To provide a strong identity and credibility for ministers fully embracing the revelation of grace.

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