The vision of Theosis Institute is to restore to the Church the apostolic and ancient church patristic vision of the gospel. It is dedicated to ministers who desire to understand the inheritance of our faith, that is, the historic foundation of Christianity in order to recapture the apostolic and ancient church patristic vision of the gospel.

We must at all cost not move with the times but we must serve the One who said “Heaven and earth shall move with the time but my word shall not move with the times.”  The Word of God does not move with the times, it is consistent and permanent.  If our doctrines and the practices do not comply with what Paul the apostle revealed in his fourteen epistles, it is not ordained of the Lord Jesus Christ and it carries the curse of God.

Doctrines whose roots cannot be traced back to the 1st Century and to what the first and second generation of students (apostolic fathers as Origens and Eusebius) of the apostles taught, then it is new and discerning Christians must be wary of such doctrines. In order to understand this gospel that has been entrusted to us, we must go to our history; the history of the Church: the first century of the Common Era, after our Lord Jesus Christ had been crucified and buried. He was resurrected according to the scriptures on the third day and ascended into heaven at the right hand of the Father.  On the day of Pentecost, year of our Lord 33AD was the inauguration of what is known as the Church Age with the coming of the Holy Spirit.

It is without exaggeration to say that apart from the Saviour, the Apostle Paul is the greatest benefactor to the human race because the Lord used him to give us the most advanced teachings. When you see what was revealed to Paul, what motivated him will begin to motivate you. There is no other way the desire to go out and fulfil this grace mandate can infuse you except by you receiving the same things that the Lord Jesus Christ revealed to the apostle Paul; what made him a great theologian and at the same time a great missionary.

What we are involved in is a continuity of what was established in the first century. Every generation of the church needs regeneration and God chooses men on behalf of the chosen and gives them this message of Jesus Christ. In this time in which we are living, we have been given a privilege and an opportunity to minister this revelation once again in our time.

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