“God’s supply is multidimensional; it is not based on externalities. Having a materialistic mindset of what God’s supply is will hinder you from attaining the full capacities of His fullness which is in you. In Christ, we have been endowed with the fullness of God. We are supplied with His full abilities, yet we grow in expressing His nature, attributes and capacity. We learn these over time as we allow Him to transform us. In this process of transformation, you learn to renew your mind daily, as a lifestyle, for the realities of God to become more perceptible and tangible. God’s purpose of transformation is for us to team up with Him, in our union and oneness, for the Christoformity of the world. Although we have received His full endowment, we can only express it once we perceive things from a spiritual mindset. The carnal mind focuses on natural things, such as needs, whereas the spiritual mind seeks and sees what is bequeathed in the inner man. The kingdom of God is in you, with you, as you, through you. We were called to walk in union with God in order to administrate this system as stewards of His kingdom, of His mind and His riches on earth. Walking together with God births assurance. In the walk of assurance, you receive His capacities. The beauty of this life in Christ is that we can look within and acknowledge God’s fullness irrespective of the external narrative. No circumstance nor situation should make you forget that you have a daily supply within you. Christ is the supply of God. He is in you, you interact with Him and He empowers you in your functions and service to humanity. He is impacting you with the values that the world is looking for so that you can effectively represent Him on earth. True supply is experienced substantially, relationally and functionally. God settles our conviction in these three domains so we proclaim His unshakeable kingdom.” Dr. Annie Smith (True Supply)

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