Grace is the science of our union with Christ and oneness with God. In Christ, God shared Himself with mankind. God becomes what He loves to make Himself visible and sharable. Love loved us into being. When you awaken to God’s love, it will radically transform your perspective of your purpose on earth and change your priorities. We are the sons of God, but at the same time, we are servants of humanity. We were saved to serve, and this service is rendered without the notion of bondage. Our service to God is on behalf of creation; someone else is to benefit from our conversion. Although we have been made partakers of the Divine nature, we are still growing in the precision of Truth. The truth is immutable. It does not become true when you believed it. It is already true, but what is lacking is your awareness of it. Acknowledging the truth with greater precision and accuracy will make God visible. We will begin to exhibit the God-kind. Acknowledging the truth is according to Godliness. There is a knowledge by which we are to relate with God, a Divine purpose that has been unfolding in history according to the arrangement of God. As we learn to acknowledge the truth with precision, we become aware that in reality, this plan of God includes us. God pledged before the world began to perpetuate His Life to be shared in common with man in Christ. Christ is the Life of God in you. This is already true about you now. God has manifested His word. The consummate end of the gospel is not to save us from sin or its consequences. These entered because of Adam’s fall but Adam’s fall is not what set God’s plan in motion. God’s ultimate intention is to bestow His Life in you — it is for us to become communicants of His Life. This Life is in His Son, Christ Jesus. As you acknowledge Christ in you as your one and only Life, His Life is perpetuated in your mind, emotions, will, and body. The Divine flow of His Life within you benefits your world. The evidence that you entrust yourself to the Son of God is that your heart resonates with this testimony of God. When you acknowledge the Son, you are acknowledging what is true about you in Him. You have not started living yet until you hear what God says to you in Jesus Christ.” Dr. Shawn Smith (The Life of God in You)

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