The picture of the “Abba” of Jesus is that of excess and not of lack. God is your source and He richly gives you everything to enjoy. To be prosperous means to be fully supplied in all domains. Prosperity is multi-dimensional; the prosperity of one’s soul leads to material prosperity. There are two extreme views of prosperity in the church namely false spirituality and worldly wisdom. False spirituality stipulates that a Christian is not supposed to prosper. It is an adverse, negative view of prosperity. It views prosperity as being simply about giving, in a transactional sense, where one gives simply with the expectation of receiving something from God. Prosperity does not just involve giving; it is a state of the heart.

We’re to keep our hearts in the right place when it comes to giving because there is wisdom, direction and a whole range of things that goes into the vocation of the believer’s life attached to your giving.Those with worldly wisdom neglect Godly principles that are laid out. They believe that the financial domain of their lives has nothing to do with God or the Church. They choose to rely on human wisdom to accumulate wealth. This mindset elevates money to a godly status to the extent of believing that more money will be the solution to everything. We are to avoid these extremes and remain in the holy balance of Word and Spirit, for these are intertwined. Your heart gets trained over time as you gradually learn by experience and practice to be generous and trust God. The generosity of God leads us to generosity. Trusting God with your heart implies that you will be willing to share, give, and show generosity to others. What you give doesn’t only reflect your heart, it affects it. Generosity is a state of heart that trusts in God’s supply.

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