Faith is trust. It is about holding onto the loyal nature and character of Christ. It speaks of complete confidence in God’s commitment over His family of which we are members. You are Christ’s own house. He has received authority and stewardship over a designated sphere of influence, which you are. Will He not be loyal over His own house to keep it? Hold on to the confidence of knowing that Christ is faithful over you. He won’t abandon His prerogatives. Never doubt God’s loyalty in His mission over your life. He has sworn by His Name not to cancel His engagement over us. He gave us the seal, the guarantee, of the Holy Spirit. Our hope is thus fixed on Christ as its object and source. He is our living hope and supply. Hope is not wishful thinking, it is not subject to circumstances, the economy, or how hard-working you are. Hope is founded on Christ. Your assurance is what gives Christ free course over His house that you are. Your free will enables you to cooperate with Him, giving free access to the working of Christ and His power in you. Do not be an obstacle to the working of the loyalty of Christ in your life. Agree with Him and hold firm to the confidence that you are the house of God over which He rules, acknowledging that the same Spirit that is in Christ, that raised Him from the dead, is in you. Faith cannot be disassociated from acknowledging the One who raises the dead, who is in you. Unfeigned faith is unshakeable; it is not easily dissuaded. It has truth as a companion and it cannot have a dualistic opinion on the loyalty of God. We all go through several tests in our process of maturity that want to challenge our confidence and the truth we have received. But these tests are a means of grace. Their purpose is to purify our conscience so we serve God with an undefiled mind. As you persevere throughout these tests, you will transmit the same sincere faith to your surrounding and generation to come.”

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