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TWO NIGHTS IN THE GLORY - The “Kuriotes Investiture”

gallery2It was in an electric atmosphere of praise, worship and thanksgiving that unfolded the 2014 edition of the Two Nights in the Glory. In two unforgettable nights, two sessions and two apostolic teachings titled: “The Mystery of You” and “Lordship over All”, the apostolic overseer of Gospel of Christ Ministries, the man of God, Dr. Shawn Smith, introduced the saints of GCM who came from all over the nation of Cameroon, to a new episode in salvation history; an unfolding of the plan of God for 2015.

The special family gathering which spanned December 30th – 31st 2014 was arranged to hold at the traditional venue of Douala Bercy, where in the space of two days the saints of God listened with great anticipation, hearing and participation the words of God proceeding from the mouth of His very own messenger.

These holy convocations are foreordained every year for the saints to gather as the family of God to demonstrate gratitude to the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and to receive the unfolding of crucial components of the gospel for the next phase of His plan in His church and in the world.

As the apostolic couple stepped their feet in the auditorium to prepare the saints for a coming episode in the plan of God, the saints of God welcomed them with great shouts of victory and celebration, praising God for connecting them to His mandate and for the supreme privilege to receive God’s words from His mouth.

DSC 0914On the second and last day of the Two Nights in the Glory, that moment long anticipated by all, the man of God came to unveil the rhema word of the year by presenting another dimension of the gospel. He commenced by explaining that every year the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ has been leading us in a successive and progressive sequence of revelation. He made sure to admonish the saints of God, his very own children, that whenever he comes before them it is not necessarily to speak of a temporary prophetic utterance per se, but it has been granted him the privilege to detain the keys of the dispensation of grace, and whenever he stands before the Ekklesia of Christ, he stands as one sent with authority to unfold the plan of God on Earth.

He explained that it was God’s desire that we should understand another facet of the multidimensional beauty of grace. The man of God re-presented Paul’s presentation of the vision of a Christo-centric cosmos from Ephesians 1:10, pointing out that human history has been consummated under the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ, that is, what ever went wrong in the past, Christ in His person, came to correct, rectify, perfect and recreate in His own image all that pertains to humanity and the entire cosmos itself.

Dr. Shawn then lifted the veil and took the saints to a place, which is not really a place, a place beyond dimension, when there was nothing but God: the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, a communion of tri-personal affection. He explained that we were planned before the foundation of the world, not because of a need within God, but because God who is complete and sufficient in Himself wanted to supply Himself in us and include man in the life that pertains to divinity. And so the Father appointed the Son as the one in whom humanity will be joined to the trinity.

DSC 0929Three years ago the Father spoke of three (03) operations: operation footstool, which is the position of the Son; operation acquisition which is the possession of the Son, operation son at the helm, which is our participation in the Son. After speaking of these three (03) operations he asked me to turn to Hebrews 6:1, and in this passage Paul says, “…God willing we shall move unto perfection,” but throughout Hebrews 7 down to the end of the epistle, he does not speak of that perfection although he had taught on the rudimentary doctrines of Christ in the first chapters of the epistle.

This means that Paul was not permitted to speak of the “telos”, that is, the purpose of the things for which Christ came; the fulfilment of that purpose. The term “teleios” derives from the term “telos” and it speaks of perfection. So God told me from this year, globally, universally, worldwide, it is time for the church to move unto perfection. Ministers of the gospel everywhere, it is time to move unto perfection, to put aside the childish things, stop playing with the Lord’s inheritance, it is time to move unto perfection. And moving unto perfection is recognising what we partake in in our union with Christ.

The Son is the one who is the head over all things, we are joint heirs with Him, but as long as we do not recognises our union with him you are a child (Greek word “nepios”), one who has nothing to say. When we stop being agitated and moving to and fro like children, and when we recognise our union with Christ we are perfect and when we rest in our completeness (Col. 2:9) in him we will experience the heirship of our sonship.

gallerieTo possess and exercise dominion over all, to have the ability to control, to have the influence to lead, to stand and determine what ought to be and what ought not to be, to be the one with the right and power to exercise lordship, to be a master, to detain sovereignty, to operate the powers of God, to stand as one who is one with Christ, to stand as one in union with the Son of God.

Beginning from 2015, in the church, God says, let’s move unto perfection: 2015, 2016, 2017, let’s move unto to perfection, all over the world, let’s put aside the things that don’t profit. Let Christ become the focus in our preaching, in our teaching, in our prayer time, in our witness, in our evangelisation, let Christ be the alpha and the omega, let Him be the “arche” and the “telos”, let Him be the beginning and the end.

Throughout this year, 2016, 2017, God says, the church must move to perfection, and He says that the first sequence of this Teleios experience, as we recognise our union with Christ, we are perfect, we are complete in our union with Him, and we will experience His lordship in us. He said, when Christ became man, he took what was ours and invested it with what it His, and He told me that He wants me to hold investitures in the church, to show the church what I have invested in them by virtue of our union with Christ. And the first sequence is this year.

Investiture means power, investiture means dominion, investiture means government, investiture means to take on and become the expression of what you have put on.

2015 is our Kuriotes Investiture, 2015 is your year of Lordship over all.




THEOSIS INSTITUTE - 1st Class: Reintroduce to the Church the ancient Patristic and Apostolic vision of Jesus Christ

c2Since Dr. Shawn Smith announced the inception of a theological institute in 2013, hearts have been living in anticipation and great expectation to see the light of day when this institute will commence. This happened on 25th November 2014. With over a hundred students in attendance, denominational backgrounds notwithstanding, the class was just a room full of people thrilled to be part of such an unprecedented event and at the same time, eager to be built up in the mysteries of the gospel. As clearly stated by the Chancellor of the institute in his opening address, the focus of Theosis Institute is to reintroduce to the Church the ancient Patristic and Apostolic vision of Jesus Christ and bring it to our modern times; to study every angle of union with God in Christ theologically, academically and historically. So in 5 days, for a total of 10 sessions, the students of Theosis Institute were brought to the understanding of what the church fathers, who were directly taught by Apostles, called theology.

The first module, captioned The Ground and Grammar of Theology, examined the Christological, Incarnational and Soteriological implications of the person of Jesus Christ. In his introduction, Dr. Shawn took his audience through a brief summary of the major eras of church history and events which shaped theology. He talked about the Patristic or Ante-Nicene era which represents the first three hundred (300) years of the Church age, the Council of Nicaea, the Post-Nicene era, the great schism, the reformation and then the Pentecostal outpouring that started approximately one hundred (100) years ago. In his discourse on the Patristic age, which is the period that represents the first three hundred years of the church and the theologians living during this time who were directly taught by the original apostles.

theologyHe said most of the churches today originate from the last 500 years (reformation period). This would therefore mean that they are throwing away 1500 years of doctrine and church history.

While explaining what consists of true theology, Dr. Shawn provided several definitions for the word theology. Coined from two Greek words Theos’ and Logos’, it is defined as the logic of God revealed in the person of Jesus Christ; it is the reflection of human life in view of who God is and thirdly, theology is God in self-disclosure; how God becomes a Man to communicate to man who God is. The essence of true theology is that He who is transcendent becomes immanent; He who is incomprehensible becomes comprehensible, He who is ineffable becomes discoverable, He who is mystery becomes revealed and He who is unknown becomes known when God becomes man. In elucidating on the meaning of theology, Dr. Shawn made the following statement “man on the autonomous search for God will always lead to Religion.” Because whatever God reveals to him, he would interpret through the lens of reasoning conditioned by his world, the culture of his day, his conscience and his relations. Only in Jesus Christ do we have the true knowledge of God in self-revelation. 

c1Dr. Shawn explained the concepts of the trinity, perichoresis and the hypostatic union between God and man. He pointed out clearly that the starting point of proper Christian thought in the gospel is that: in Jesus Christ, the life of the triune Godhead is united with human life and the whole of creation. According to Dr. Shawn, this is non-negotiable as it is where even the church fathers began their explanation of the gospel. To understand the true nature of God is to understand the ground and grammar of the gospel.

In several sessions Dr. Shawn revealed to the students that Jesus Christ is the prime reason for creation. He gave a concise account of what happened before the foundation of the world, which is captured in the rhema “the world was created so that Christ might be born in it”. Dr. Shawn Smith pointed out that there is no creaturely reason for the creation. The reason for creation is not centered on us but on the Godhead. God did not create all things so that we could give Him something in return. Just as C.S. Lewis rightly said “For God to be God, he must not have any need”. The reason for creation was to fulfil the design of the Godhead which was to create a creature that is compatible with God, in order to include him into their shared love and infuse him with their shared life. Therein we find the reason why the Son became man, why He was appointed and elected before the foundation of the world so that man can be included into the life of God. And so, Dr. Shawn described Jesus Christ as the raison d’être of creation.


Theosis Istitute Large

 The next phase of the Theosis Institute Classes will resume from the third week of January 2015. During this class, the founder of Theosis Institute will be expounding on; “The Development of Christological Theology in Church History”. More modules will follow suit after this. Candidates who complete the first five (05) modules will be eligible to specialize in one of the following branches:           Theology,                    Church history,                      Christian leadership.

Registration is already ongoing. Call the following numbers for registration: (+237) 243 631 665 / 243 631 666

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