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This is the Golden age of Grace;This is the Acceptable year of the LORD.Listen to these prophetic declarations.

Prophetic Word to the church
Prophetic Word to the church
125 sec.
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Lord of The Sabbath
Lord of The Sabbath
264 sec.
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Latest series: Lord of the Sabbath (Prophetic Service) - By Dr Shawn SMITH


The revelation of our oneness with Christ, who we are and what we have in Him is the revelation the Father wants us to possess in this church age. God desires us to see the same perfection with which He sees us. From the prophetic office, Dr Shawn Smith expounded the subject of the Sabbath, beginning by underlining the need to pause and think about why we are here on Earth and what God has in mind about us. 

During the service, Dr Shawn then went on to preach what the Spirit of prophecy led him into, which is the inauguration of the ministry of Jesus Christ, that is, something the Christ announced at the beginning of His ministry which is the revelation of the Sabbath in the context of Lordship over all (Matthew 2:23-28). Dr Shawn added that the Lord Jesus Christ relates the need of man with His failure to understand the Sabbath. We are not under an economy of days and feasts which observe a chronological calendar. In the Old, the Sabbath was ordained for man to reflect on the perfection of God’s work. Dr Shawn defined the glory of God as the accurate view and opinion of God concerning us, and when we are satisfied with what God has revealed about us, we are in the Sabbath.

Dr Shawn took the saints through the revelation that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath. The things that are sacred and holy are not against man, but for man – to serve man. Dr Shawn went through four specific miracles which Jesus performed on the Sabbath, plus the incident of Him and His disciples who harvested and ate corn from a certain cornfield on the Sabbath (corn of the Sabbath). Jesus revealed what the Sabbath really means to God by healing on the Sabbath. 

Some Teachings by Drs Shawn & Annie SMITH

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