Mother and child preserved from harm during a complicated child delivery

We want to celebrate God for everything He has been doing in our lives and family. Through the teachings we have been receiving from Gospel of Christ Ministries, our minds have been transformed and we have experienced divine preservation by the grace and mercy of God in our lives. Today, we want to thank the Father for preserving our lives.

Child delivery has been very difficult for us, as my wife’s two deliveries have been through surgery. But we are grateful to God today for He has blessed us with two children.
The second delivery especially was a horrible experience. She went to the hospital that day for her last medical checkup, but was told to come back later that same day for an induced labour so she can deliver the baby. To our greatest surprise, when we got there in the evening, the baby started looking for its way out through normal delivery. When she entered the delivery room for a normal delivery, unfortunately her old surgery wounds reopened. This is where the baby’s head was already about to come out. Immediately, the doctors rushed her to the operation block.

It was a very difficult and challenging situation for us because she almost lost her life and that of the baby. We called the GCM prayer line, which I was encouraged to do by the pastors, and we prayed together. We thank the Father for the words we have been receiving all these years because those are the words that sustained us till the end.
Before we came to Gospel of Christ Ministries, we always thought that it was through our works, our efforts that we will attain our objectives, but we are taught in Gospel of Christ Ministries to rest in the finished works of Christ. When we encountered this situation, my wife and I understood we just had to trust and rest in the finished works of Christ, just as Dr. Shawn Smith has taught us, for the life of my wife and the baby.

One word that sustained us was that when Christ died, we died with Him. So, my wife could not die because Christ already died for us thus setting us free from death. Also, the consciousness that we are seated in heavenly places in Christ brought so much peace and rest to our hearts. We just held on to these words. Although my wife stayed for long in the operation block due to the complicated nature of her delivery, she and the baby came out safe and secure.

We are just so grateful to God for preservation and for His mercy and love over our lives.
 Thank you Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith for your continued labour of love over our lives. Amen.

Nkemofack Family
Douala, Cameroon

Last modified: July 4, 2022