I wish to thank the Man and Woman of God for opening my eyes through the glorious gospel
to become aware of who I am in Christ. I have come to understand that Christ is my perfect
response to every situation. I may not even have the capacity to believe but Father has made
me to understand that Christ believes for me; His Faith works for me.
About a week before Easter, I was diagnosed with a heart condition that kept me in a state of
fear. Before this time, I had constantly been burdened in my heart about the health situation of
my elder brother. It had to do with his anus. Multiple surgeries had been carried out but the
situation continued to deteriorate to the point where he was giving up.
During the Resurrection Sunday Service, I came to church with a lot of cares in my heart, but I
believed God for answers. A Word of Knowledge came through for me, from the Man of God.
He said, there was someone who had been diagnosed with a heart condition, Immediately, I
knew it was God’s Kairos time for me. I began thanking the Father in my heart where I was
seated and when the Man of God called me out, little did I know God meant business for me
and my family. The Holy Spirit gave another Word of Knowledge concerning my elder brother’’s
case. The man of God spoke Words over us and made declarations of me, my brother and
All Praise to the Father, I stand here today to testify that the heart condition is history now.
Meanwhile, my elder brother is strong now and can even move about.

GCM Buea

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