I am grateful to the Father for the last lent season we had. The Man of God taught us again on
Prayer. This time I think I got it better. Ever since, I love to pray and I’ve become more
consistent. I used to feel heavy, although I had the desire, yet I couldn’t pray as I desired too.
Now, I know that when I pray, it is with the help of the Holy Spirit, and God Himself is the one
who stands together with me, to hit the mark. It gives me courage and boldness to pray for
certain subjects above my feelings, to pray for things that naturally, one cannot have unless by
faith and trust.
I have witnessed many things happen exactly as I prayed. It’s so good to learn that God has us in
his eternal plan and needs us to steward his will on earth. I am getting it clearer and clearer. The
Woman of God taught us that when you’re praying and thoughts about someone come to
your mind, you just say, “what pertains to God alone, what is of his power and while you’re
praying, at the same time, the power of God is operational in other domains and in that
I’m thankful to the Lord for more consistency in this area of my life and I am also grateful for the
first part of this year. I’ve had so many beautiful experiences of which I am grateful.
Thank you Man and Woman of God.


GCM Douala, Cameroon

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