I wish to express my gratitude to the Father, for the outpouring of His love and care for us daily.
On Sunday the 13 th August, after the Man of God taught on “The State of Our Union with
Christ”, he gave a word of knowledge for someone who was suffering from a stiff neck. I didn’t
picture myself in it, although I had been suffering from stiffness on one side of my neck, which I
had become used to. I always massaged my neck and tried to turn it around whenever I felt the
pains. Although it was persistent I didn’t consider it as something serious.
Later that Sunday, I realized I had not massaged my neck. That was when I remembered that the
Man of God had prayed for someone with a stiff neck. I started thanking God and ever since, I
spent the whole day without massaging my neck. I no longer feel the pains.
I really want to appreciate the Man of God for these words of life, healing and restoration
that flow each time we gather. I am so grateful that the Father knows us specifically and
administers his life to us, even when we seem not to pay attention. The Father’s will is
working out perfectly. My heart of full of joy.

Percy P.

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