During the lent period, our parents taught us on contemplation and my inner man was
transformed. I acquainted myself with the practice and I experienced a change inside of me. I
am more involved in prayer and I can easily discern and hear the Holy Spirit in me speaking
to me, be it in prayer or about something I perceive. I don’t really know how to translate it
into words but I give thanks to God.
At a family level, I experienced a change in my relationship with my mother. We became
close and are now able to share the Gospel that I receive in this commission. I have observed
changes in my work milieu and I receive direction from the Lord.
It is a privilege to be under this commission. His Excellency is a blessing to nations, families
and to the whole world. As I grow in the knowledge of Christ in me, I am transformed. Thank
you, Your Excellencies, for these teachings that are a source of blessing to many sons of God.

Douala- Cameroon

Tags: Last modified: December 13, 2023