I want to give thanks to God for the healing I received through a word of knowledge given by
the Man of God Prof. Shawn Smith. He identified several cases among which was the
condition I faced.
For about five years, I had horrible headaches. I was unable to read because of the
excruciating pain. I sometimes felt I was without strength at all. I usually saw dark spots
when I looked at someone, which hindered me from seeing clearly.
On a Sunday service, when the man of God walked in and started giving words of knowledge,
I took in a deep breath, and began feeling heat inside of me to the point that I was unable to
stand and it continued all day long. Today, I thank God for using the man of God to heal me.
I am also thankful to the Lord for the miraculous healing of my daughters. I thank God for
my health. Amen.

Douala, Cameroon

Tags: Last modified: December 13, 2023