Grace regards to Their Excellences Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith.
We the Kenyan brethren are full of joy, expressing how our hearts rejoice as we share this praise
report. Sitting under your holy teaching, we and our households have been quickened and
liberated. The eyes of our understanding have been so enlightened and we have been equipped
with heavy-duty machinery for ministry.
Since the first day of the Pascha event, the false idolatrous view of God we previously held has
been brought down and we have learned to discern the shape and form of God. Now we can
clearly hear the voice of our Father. It stood out for us that salvation is not just a repetition of
creeds, attempting to present an invitation of an absent Jesus in our lives. We perceived
Euangelion as the glad tidings, the complete theological appraisal of the good news, an
announcement and not something we are invited to. We came to understand that it is a
proclamation. Our view of what we have been made was lifted.
We learned that the gospel has been misused either by adulteration, deviation or omission which
is a big error in the body of Christ. We now understand better what the original intent of God
concerning His body is. You taught us that the coming of the Lord is always present, continuing
and coming. Through this understanding, our eschatological notion has become clearer.
According to 2 Timothy 3:16, we have been able to appreciate the fact that; “all scripture given by
the inspiration of God is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and instruction to
righteousness”. Throughout this week, we were able to learn about the Gospel of God, Kingdom,
Grace, Salvation, Peace, Christ, the Son, Paul, and the Gospel of Life and Immortality
We were able to appreciate the fact that election is never for the purpose of exclusion, where
some people are viewed as special while others are considered rejected. Rather, we came to
understand that all have been included in the plan of God. Jesus doesn’t invite us into a
relationship with God. Jesus is our relationship with God. He who created all is the same who
equally saved all. This affirms the truth that transactionalism is debunked. We now have a deep
understanding of the universal and particular meaning of salvation. You have awakened our
hearts from the Latin heresy of separation and made us accurately perceive the Christology of the
early Greek fathers. You clearly explained to us the three aspects of salvation; the redemptive,
the transformative and temporal salvation.
Our team could better relate to the truth you explained about temporal salvation. We were truly
delivered from perilous events. We were preserved, kept safe in soundness of mind both in our
bodies and souls. Thank you, Your Excellencies, for all the deposits. We are being prepared, just
like you have taught us, “preparation time is not wasted time”.
Abba Dear Father!! We extend our love through our love offering in response to the great
encounter. We honor the Glorious Christ in You. Happy resurrection!!!

Pastor Joseph,

Christ Life Ministry Kenya

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