I want to thank God for the answers he has given me during these 40 days of transfiguration.
First of all, I have grown in my awareness of the goodness of God. This is something that God
started in me during the 10 Days of Awe and Wonder. I remember during the 21 Days of
Consecration and Prayer in December, the Man of God told us during a meeting on Telegram
that, there are things we’ve asked God for which we’ve not seen during this season, but He has
answered us at deeper levels. He said, what God is doing in us is infinitely greater than whatever
He can put in our hands. I remember being saddened by that declaration, but it made me realize
that up to that point, I was expecting something external whereas the real thing was happening
within me. When I began to focus on nothing but my spiritual growth and transformation, I saw
God providing for my family in incredible ways without any efforts on my part. I became more
and more aware that God is true and every man (including me) a liar. I have grown in my
experience of rest and trust in God.
Not long before the 40 days, my husband received an employment without struggling. As for me,
during the 40 days, I received my first contract with an international organization in a field
where although I have the experience, I did not have the credentials required. The Lord granted
me the contract. Prior to the Pascha Seminar, I received a payment which had been pending for
more than 2 years. As the Man of God said, although we know that we have the victory, the
outcome still surprises us. I am very grateful to God for all He has done and I know this is just
the beginning. Praise God!!!


Tags: Last modified: April 16, 2024