Prior to coming into contact with Gospel of Christ Ministries, our walk in Christ was unworthy of a
son of God. Religion had taught us to live as God’s servants. This was the greatest title we thought
could ever be bestowed on a man. The issue of the Son of God was attributed solely to Jesus Christ.
We grew up with self-condemnation, sin consciousness, and fear of the unknown. There was no
peace or joy. We had too many unanswered questions about our very belief, but no one could give
us the right answers until the appointed time and event, CCI 2014 Douala.
During the CCI 2014, I had the privilege of hearing and experiencing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the
very first time. My mind was blown by the right division of the Word of Truth, our sonship status, and
the fact that natural Jews have no position in the economy of God under this dispensation of grace. It
was a total life transformation.
I experienced divine healing of my vision (eyesight) during a Sunday service where the Man of God,
Dr. Shawn Smith, was teaching on the theme, Equality with God. I had been wearing prescription
glasses for over ten years. He explains that as God’s sons, we have equality with Divinity. If a
messenger of the Law (Moses) to whom God gives His Word is called Elohim (gods), so that he can
represent Him in the quality of what He is, how much more are we who are God’s sons? I was
transformed to a higher level of consciousness in my understanding of what it means to be a son of
God, participating in God’s incorruptible life. For a brief moment, I felt literally suspended from my
seat. I went home with my family, completely unaware of what had happened to me because I was
still wearing my glasses. Our first son, who was five years old at the time, amazingly drew my
attention to the fact that I was watching TV without my glasses while we were at home. I was
immediately transported to what had occurred during the morning service. On the same Sunday,
there was another service in the evening, and the Man of God confirmed the healing by saying that
during the morning service, someone was healed of poor vision in their eyes. Since then, I have been
able to see clearly without glasses.
Our entire family has been blessed with total life transformation and wholeness to the glory of God.
We REST in the Lord.
Thank you so much Dr. Shawn for answering the call of God. We experience continuous life
transformation from the gospel you preach. Words can’t explain everything we experience. With
Love in our hearts, we say Happy 20 th Anniversary man of God.

GCM Douala, Cameroon

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