I want to thank the Father for His unfailing love, guidance, protection, preservation, security and
faithfulness to me and my family. I am grateful to the Father for transforming my life from the state
of fear to perfect tranquillity. I used to live with fear in my mind. Even when I came to church and
listened to teachings, I still had fear inside of me. But, as the man and woman of God continued to
elaborate on peace, I received that inner harmony in my heart and soul. Now, when things happened
around me or in my family, I handle them in the state of rest. I no longer carry any burden in my
heart, even when I was very sick. I did not panic. I had that inner peace because I knew I am one with
the Father as our parents in the Lord always tell us.
I am grateful to the Father for healing my mother from stroke. My mother had stroke that affected
one side of her body. She was in a state that frightened my siblings but I stood firm in the Father’s
Love. As our parents always say, distance is not a barrier for answering prayers. One Sunday, during
a healing service, I stood in for my mother, the man of God prayed for her and she received her
healing. Before my mom took ill, she had gone to the American Embassy for an interview, and her
passport was withheld at the Embassy for more than a year. Immediately she got healed, one
morning, she was called by the embassy and was issued a ten-year visa. Glory be to God!
I want to thank the Father for our parents in the Lord, Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith for their labour of
love, and the teachings that are coming to nourish our hearts each day and to open our hearts to
perceive the mind of the Father.  
Thank you, Father, for all that did not happen because you prevented it from happening. Amen.

Douala, Cameroon

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