I wish to thank the Father for this opportunity given to us by our parents in the Lord to share
the goodness and mercies of God in our lives throughout 2022. It has been a full year for my
family and I. After I lost my dad in the month of April 2022, my siblings and I have
continually experienced God’s love, His faithfulness and preservation. Above all we
experienced His blessings, just as the Man of God used to say; “no one can curse who God
has already blessed.” 
Secondly, I thank the Father for the divine life we have in Christ. This year, I experienced
serious abdominal pains especially when I urinate. I consulted a doctor and he said, they were
some growths outside my uterus that needed to be removed. I told myself I don’t want to think
of any operation, I know who I am, whose I am and where I am. I had also heard several
praise reports of growths disappearing in this ministry so I was calm.
During the 21 days of prayer, one particular Sunday, the Man of God asked us to place our
hands on ourselves and he declared wholeness. I did not only place my hand, but I actually
pressed my stomach where I felt the growth. I also longed for the Woman of God to lay her
hands on my stomach. The same day, a word of knowledge came forth for a mental health
condition. While the Woman of God was praying, I stood in front of her and without telling
her the problem, she laid her hands right there on my stomach and declared that it had ended
that day. My whole body vibrated as I returned to my seat. I noticed the pains I used to feel
whenever I passed out urine had stopped. I thank the Father for complete wholeness. 
Some months ago in June 2022 I had an accident, a head on collision but my life was
miraculously preserved. I kept declaring Lord Jesus and I saw how the Father sent angelic
assistance to take care of me. From the injury I had, it was said I needed six months off, but in
3 weeks I was back to work. I thank the Father because He cares for us affectionately.
Lastly, on the last day of the Christ Commission International Conference in Bana 2019, the
Man of God gave a 50% discount on books. I got a copy of a book and while the Man of God
signed my copy, he asked me about my job if I wanted a promotion. I screamed a big yes! I
was however worried because I had sent in my resignation letter. I left the job and got another
one at the same level but I kept in mind that the spoken words of our father over us never fall
to the ground. After a year in the new job, I got promoted as a Manager and I have received so
much favour.
I express my gratitude to the apostolic couple of this commission, our beloved parents for
their love and prayers for us. The Woman of God once said, we should always know and
remind ourselves that our parents are praying for us and it’s such a privilege. Thank you mum
and dad. On behalf of my entire family, we love you.

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