I got pregnant in 2021, although past reports said it would be impossible for me to have a child.
My parents and other family members were all disturbed and concerned because of my age. The
faithfulness of God, His goodness and mercy have prevailed and kept me throughout that time
until now. I gave myself to the word and service and I chose not to focus on the report. During
our marriage, the Man of God said: “As soon as you want your children, have them”. I started
laughing in joy. We stood on those words declared by the Man of God and repeated them over
and over and continued our daily lives until against all odds, I got pregnant. During birth, it was
quite challenging but I thank God for the Man and Woman of God who carried us through with
so much love.
In the theater the doctors had difficulties injecting the anesthesia and everywhere was tense. All
of a sudden, I felt warmth throughout my body and immediately asked the doctors to stop and
give me some minutes before they proceed. During those moments, I heard the melody of the
song I had been singing throughout my pregnancy which says, “God’s power is at work in
me”. So I started singing and as I sang, I slept off. The Father preserved me throughout the
process of birth and in other situations that arose. Throughout that time, the Man and Woman of
God took care of us, pouring out words of love. It was the same thing with the second birth and
we could see the trustworthiness and faithfulness of God all along. Early 2022, I experienced a
crisis. I passed out and the doctors said I needed blood. Some drugs were prescribed. After 3
months, I had another crisis and had to go back to the hospital. I was getting pale and in the
month of September, I passed out again. A lot of fear and panic started floating in my mind. I
explained my concerns to my husband and together we stood on the words of the Man and
Woman of God. We are grateful to the Father for His preservation.
Today, I can boldly say that their words of life regenerated my body and the resurrection life of
Christ vivifies me every second. There came a time I could neither read nor listen to messages
due to the state in which I was. Each time I however remembered the declarations of the Man
and Woman of God, my body will regain its strength and that is what sustained me throughout
the period I was on bed rest for almost 2 months and a half. The morning and evening
meditations equally sustained me. Thank you Man and Woman of God for these words and
practice of life.
Lastly, I thank the Father for sustainability through two particular teachings I have been listening
to; the 30 Days of Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Therapy. These teachings have greatly
transformed and continue to transform my life. I am full of gratitude. Thanks to these teachings, I
have learned how to live in the now and appreciate everything and everyone around me with joy
and love. Amen.


Douala, Cameroon.

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