I testify of the joy and transformation the Gospel has brought in my life and is still ongoing.
I was invited to church by the Man of God through the radio. He said, “come, I have a
message for you, I have a seat for you, I will minister to you personally”. I did not want to
attend any other church because of the love my former pastor had for me. However, I decided
to seek permission from him. At first he refused but later accepted on the condition that I will
not remain in Gospel of Christ Ministries.
When I entered the church, I was not happy because in my former church, I was taught that
wigs, eye pencils, lipsticks, earrings, perfumes are not divine and all come from the marine
kingdom. So, when I saw the Christians put on all those, I was sad. Moreover, I saw women
wearing trousers. When the Man of God walked in, the Christians stood up and greeted him. I
did same. He reciprocated our greetings and asked us to sit down.
He started preaching and said, “Jesus is in you”. I was surprised to hear that. I remained
standing for a while and an usher walked to me and requested that I take my sit. In awe I
asked the brother sited by me if Jesus is truly in me? He said, yes, it is written in the Bible.
Then I asked him why other pastors haven’t seen it and he just laughed. At this point I told
myself, “…Jesus in me is enough reason to live because if He who heals every sickness,
disease and raised the death is in me I am not to be sick.”
My whole life I was taught that Jesus is in Heaven and each time we need Him, we call Him
and when He comes, we welcome Him by saying, “good morning, good afternoon” or good
night Jesus”. But the Man of God said, “Jesus is in me.” This changed my thought pattern.
After church service that night, I started rejoicing and running back home. I refused to take a
taxi because of the joy of knowing that Jesus is in me.
I am so grateful to the Father for opening my eyes to the Gospel.

Douala, Cameroon

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