I would like to thank God for what happened in the life of a loved one during the month of
“Divine healing”, 2023.
I usually work on islands and forest. In these islands, there are thousands of churches who
pray like I did before. They cry and beg God for what they already have in Christ. Watching
the ignorance of these people, I asked the Lord how we could reach them. I told Him I would
look for money and place at the Man of God’s feet, so he could look for a means to reach
those people.
Then came Christ Commission International (CCI) Yaoundé. I participated but faced
difficulty understanding the Man of God’s ministration. That is how I got connected to a
brother from Gospel of Christ Ministries Limbe who started explaining certain things
concerning the Man of God’s teachings. He advised me to enroll into Theosis Higher Institute.
After CCI Yaounde, I kept calling and asking questions. He was very patient with me because
I would ask one question over and over and he would answer it over and over.
This doctrine was new to me. The only thing I knew before was, ” Repent and give your life to
Jesus; be born again if not, you will die and go to hellfire and burn there forever.” So, I didn’t
know how to reach those people.
During the Seminar on “Global Missions”, the Man of God said we should use whatever
activity we are involved in to reach people. I got to that brother to orient me on how to start.
He said, “Go with the message of reconciliation you’ve received from the Man of God.”
I embarked on mission and one day I met this woman looking so lean and sickly, different
from how she looked before. She told me she has been sick and almost died. I said I would
return to give her the Gospel. She insisted I do it immediately but I promised to come later for
fear of missing an available vehicle. Unfortunately, I only returned a month later and was
informed she was critically ill and had not stepped out of her room for a month. I shouted and
sat somewhere crying and blaming myself for taking such a long time to bring the Gospel to
her. I said to myself, “If she dies, I am responsible because she begged to hear the gospel but
I procrastinated.” The owner of the house where I sat came to me and said, “she cannot live;
she will die; her eyes are closed; mouth opened and she is defecating and excreting on the
bed”. Immediately, I woke up, went back home and took my Bible, but did not know where
to open. I took my note book, but did not know where to start because it was too late for me.
Then I remembered what the Man of God always taught us concerning healing.
When I reached the entrance, the compound was full of people, especially women. I became
scared that the lady is dead. One of the women directed me to her room. Her posture was not
a good one. I began calling her but was stopped by one lady who said she’s asleep. I wanted to
take that as an excuse to return home but another lady who knew me asked them to let me
pray for the sick lady. They agreed and joined me in prayer. I bent low to her and said, “This
is mami kobolisa talking to you. I have come to give you the Word of God. God does not see
you sick, I do not see you sick. You are whole in the eyes of God from your head to your toes.
You are whole. People say you are dying but you are alive in the eyes of God. Do you know
why you are lying in this manner? It is because you do not know what Jesus has done together

with you on the cross. He has destroyed this sickness that is in you right now. He took you
together with Him to the cross and destroyed death so that you should live. Jesus is where you
are right now. 1Thessalonians 5:22 says, “abstain from every form of evil.” Lying on the bed
is evil, accepting sickness in your body is evil, dying is evil. Do not accept what men say. It is
not what God says. If you have heard the gospel which is the word of God, stand up, go and
continue your daily activities.”
Immediately, she woke up and sat on the bed with her eyes closed. Everyone who came to
join me for prayers ran out of the room when they saw her awake. They thought she is a
ghost. Only two of us remained in the room. She started struggling to come down from the
bed. I tried to assist her but couldn’t do it alone due to her weight. I asked a lady who stood by
the door to assist but she was too scared to touch her. Fortunately, her mother walked in and
found her child sitting on the bed. She was filled with joy and thanksgiving.
One month later, I saw the lady’s mother and she told me her daughter has been going to the
toilet alone, no more passing out of stole or urine on the bed and she sits on the chair in the
parlor and eats with everyone. I was very happy and thanked Father God for preserving me to
hear this Gospel so through me others can hear.
I am thankful to God for the Man of God who teaches me so I can understand the Gospel.
I am thankful to God for those who contributed for the Radio to be opened so I could be
invited to hear this Gospel which is transforming my mind, soul and body.
I am eternally grateful to God for brother Ruben in GCM Limbe, for patiently helping me
through this process of unlearning and relearning, in answering my numerous questions
without being discouraged. He was never tired.


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