I am John from Kenya, a university student in my second year. I would like to share how I
encountered this Gospel and how I connected with the Man of God, Dr. Shawn Smith. I also
want to testify about how I came back from death literally unto life after many knew I was dead,
and how the message from the Man of God I listened to, brought me back. I want him to know
that his message is life, even bodily life to dead bodies.
Regarding my encounter with the Gospel, it began with the creation of a WhatsApp group where
many joined, including Pastor Joseph, now the leader of the group in Kenya. In this group, I
shared things on grace and ministered to those in the group for close to a year. The brethren in
the group had many questions, some I could answer and others I couldn’t. I later came across
another Nigerian WhatsApp group where I migrated all the members of my own group into that
group, so that we could all grow, especially after I noticed that the group had more growth than
mine. It was during those moments that we met brother Yannick. We came to realize that the
reason behind our joining those groups, was to meet the Man of God, Dr. Shawn Smith through
brother Yannick.
We later discovered that the WhatsApp group was very transactional. Almost all for us left the
group because we finally came to meet Dr. Shawn Smith. Through that connection we now have
the ministry here in Kenya, although I haven’t been able to be physically present due to
geographical distance. I however follow all of their activities. I have the strong desire to be a part
of what started years ago, and I look forward to participating in what God is doing in Kenya.
About how I came back from death unto life. I was sick, prior to being taken to the hospital, I
listened to a sermon by Dr. Shawn Smith on “Christ’s rule happens in the midst of his
enemies”. He preached the same sermon today. On that day I downloaded the sermon and
listened to it. He spoke about psalms 110, explaining that Christ’s rule happens in the midst of
his enemies and he mentioned 2nd Corinthian, were Paul encountered challenges in his missions
which appeared contradictory, causing the Corinthians to doubt his apostolic ministry. He
assured them of the promises of God, which are “yea and amen” and not nay. He continued
explaining that, if one died for all then all died. Therefore, we have been exempted from death. I
received that word and proclaimed it. That was the last message I listened to before my body
became lifeless on a sack.
I had a migraine Tuesday night. I took drugs and eventually went unconscious. The next morning
after several attempts to get me without any response, the door was forced open. My family
knew I was gone. I was unconscious all night and it extended into the next day, with no sign of
life in my body. My dad confirmed I was gone and my mum together with neighbors began to
mourn. Taking me to the hospital was only a matter of confirmation of what everyone knew. The
doctors observed that my body was not cold, so they couldn’t take me to a morgue. They decided
to observe, although someone told me they knew it wasn’t going to work.
I was put under oxygen and drugs were administered into my body to prevent it from getting dry.
Someone in the same ward I was in; confirmed that he saw the state in which I was brought. He
told me when I got up that “John, I saw you when you were brought in and you were a dead man

brought amongst the living”. He added “I knew you wouldn’t survive, if at all there was any life
in your body”. For 5 days there was no movement neither was there any sign of life at all. After 5
days, he was surprised to see me trying to turn and wake up eventually.
News had spread that I was going to survive. I didn’t know where I was or how I had arrived
there when I got up. When I fully regained consciousness, I began connecting the dots. I
remembered that the last message I heard from the Man of God Dr. Shawn Smith, he said “if one
died for all then all died”. I have stubborn conviction beyond sight that I am exempt from death.
I peeled off dead skin from my body, my joints and armpits. Although it smelled so bad, my
body was quickened by the last word I heard. Even in death, Jesus was my response. He believed
on my behalf and he brought that word to pass.
I have seen people die in this hospital on a daily basis. Every day the trolley used to pick up the
dead comes and takes people to the morgue but for me, although I died, my body held on to life
and unto the truth that, “if one died for all, then all died. I am therefore exempt from death”. I
was in the valley of the shadow of death. I carried this sentence with me on a daily basis that I
must declare the goodness of God in the land of the living. I am called to proclaim the gospel.
What started through me, I must enjoy its fruits.
I remembered when the Man of God spoke about Joshua conquering the 5 kings, despite the
doubts of the elders. Then he told them to come and see how they are conquered. I know in
whom I have believed, I know who holds me. I must bear witness of him. I have gone through
several episodes of death until people say: “John, God has refused. He is not yet done with you,
something great is in you and it must come out”. I clearly know what he has called me to do, and
I must do it. If one died for all, then all died, therefore I am exempt from death.
Since that episode when I died, I have an ear problem which hasn’t been restored. I know my full
restoration is dew. Man of God, your message brings dead people back to life. Dead bodies like
mine, are receiving life. I look forward to your coming and I trust God for a breakthrough to
attend the program and to assist in the preparations. My request is just to see you and to talk with
you. I would love to read every book you have written if I have the opportunity. I want to be a
part of this, I want to proclaim this too good to be true news. I want to be blessed by you. Abba
Christ Life Ministry, Kenya

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