The Unfailable Promises of God

Sermon • Sunday Service Speaker: Dr. Shawn SMITH

“The Davidic and Abrahamic covenants are antecedents to the New Covenant.

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God’s supply is multidimensional

Sermon • Sunday Service Speaker: Dr. Annie SMITH

God’s supply is multidimensional; it is not based on externalities. Having a materialistic mindset of what God’s supply is will hinder you from attaining the full capacities of His fullness which is in you. In Christ, we have been endowed with the fullness of God.

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The Life of God in me

Sermon • Sunday Service Speaker: Dr Shawn SMITH

Grace is the science of our union with Christ and oneness with God. In Christ, God shared Himself with mankind. God becomes what He loves to make Himself visible and sharable.

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Unfeigned Faith

Christ-Life Studies • Sermon Speaker: Dr. Annie SMITH

Faith is trust. It is about holding onto the loyal nature and character of Christ. It speaks of complete confidence in God’s commitment over His family of which we are members.

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