I wish to thank the Father for a miraculous healing. I had two medical reports from two different
hospitals showing I had fibroids. In October 17th 2022, I felt abdominal side pains and went to the
hospital; again, the doctor said I had ovarian cyst and that my estrogen level was too high.
Just after a prayer session with the Woman of God on Sunday 13th Nov, I went back to the hospital
for the doctor to check the ovarian cysts if it had increased in size or not. He did an echography and
said everything was fine. I asked him,” What about the cyst and the fibroid?” He said he didn’t see
anything. My God! Everything was gone.
Woman of God, I can’t thank you and the Man of God enough for always pouring out your hearts to
us in love, and for all the teachings and prayers. I am forever grateful because I can’t buy this or get it
anywhere else. Thank you so much Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith.

GCM Douala – Cameroon

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