I write to testify of God’s gift to me in transforming my mind. I use to be anxious about my
academic funding, considering I had to write two public exams. During the 10 days of Awe
and Wonder in 2023, the Man of God talked about rest, he shared on the scripture which
explains why the children of Israel did not enter Gods rest due to unbelief. He went further to
explain that “if you believe you receive and if you doubt you do without”. During the opening
days of the program, he shared on the miracle of Jesus. It opened my heart to the reality of the
Father’s limitless generosity, compassion and many others.
All these brought rest into my heart. I came to know that it is a participative life. It’s not my
life whereby I occasionally invite God, but I participate with Him. I am an ambassador of the
kingdom therefore; my funding and source is from the boundless economy of God. Also, I am
grateful for a word the Man of God gave. He said it was for someone specific. He said “Don’t
amplify pain, I will lead you through this mission.” I had been having severe pain on my
vertebral colon and it caused me a lot of discomfort. The situation had my attention so much
but since that word, I don’t even remember I had a discomfort like that. I am so grateful, so
much at rest and joyful. I believe beyond feelings that God is for me, I am a son, I am loved
and I rejoice greatly. Thank you, Man and Woman of God, for everything.

GCM Limbe, Cameroon

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