In 2019 while working as a nurse, I manufactured giant paper flowers as a hobby. I bought the
book “Stewards of God’s Riches” by Dr Annie Smith. It was an eye opener. I read that, “God
gives you talents and He expects you to work on them professionally, until they become
skills and at that time, they would become a source of income”. After reading that I decided
to work on that talent daily in order to perfectionalize it. I created a social media page and
worked on my communication skills until I mastered the art of making giant paper flowers. 
In the book, a passage on Genesis was quoted which says: “it did not rain on earth until
Adam ploughed the soil”. It was interpreted thus: “until man bowed down to worship God in
order to get his mind infused into him, it did not rain”. As I trained myself, that passage
became my mode of existence. Anytime I had a complicated command which I knew I could
not deliver, I chose to rely on God’s grace for the infusion of divine ideas and wisdom and it
always worked. Ninety percent of my inspiration came during church services. I did all these
working as a full time nurse. Some ladies based in Senegal became interested in my skill. 
In 2020, the Christophany year, Christ walking the Earth as me, I had the opportunity to go
and organise a giant paper flower training in Dakar, Senegal. It was an exciting experience to
share a skill which was self-taught with students. This happened during the COVID 19 period
and the lock down met me in Senegal. Fear and doubt came into my mind. I was afraid of
losing my nursing job since I barely took a 10 days leave from work. At this point in time, I
had already made 3 months in Senegal. However, the message “Undaunted” kept me going.
Behold, when I resumed work after my journey, I had a promotion. Glory!
My journey to Senegal was stress free because God went before me to make the path clear
and He provided all I needed in a foreign land. I continue working on my skill, developing my
creativity as being led by the Spirit of God in me. I had many clients. However, I physically
could not cope doing both the decoration business and my nursing job. I had to resign from
my nursing job in order to be able to travel to organize trainings on the flower business.
I was filled with dread and uncertainty because I had been working for ten years. But I was
sure I was taking the right path for my professional and spiritual life. I chose to trust God. 
In 2021 after my resignation, I was able to travel a lot. Ever since, I have been to 4 different
countries: Senegal, Ivory Coast, Benin and Togo. The journeys on several occasions resulted
to the training of 250 students in 6 cities, including Douala and Yaoundé. Online, many other
clients in different countries have been satisfied. All of this is thanks to the endowment of
Christ in me.
The to and fro journeys have not been easy but God always gives me the proper strategy to
make things work. He places the right people, at the right time and I walk knowing wherever I
go, Christ goes with me and is working with me. This is the source of my strength, knowing
that He has gone ahead to make the path straight. He is the master strategist and makes
everything fall into place. My last journey was so difficult but one phrase resounded in me, as
our father, Dr Shawn Smith always says, “Be still and know that I am God”. This keeps
reminding me to trust Him when everything seems hard. I used my journeys as an avenue to
share the gospel. Taking along flyers and books to share to my students and there are always
positive responses. I thank God because today, I fully live with a skill I love and through it, I
beautify the world and I am able to impact others with it. Amen!


Douala – Cameroon.

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