On behalf of my family and I, I want to thank the Father in this season of thanksgiving for
preserving my life in an accident/ rubbing attack in which I lost consciousness. I woke up to
find myself in another neighborhood. Some men thought I was a thief and started beating me.
The lord sent an elderly man who came and told them to stop and allow me talk because I
wasn’t in my senses. All I remember was giving them my wife’s number to call her. That is
how I was rescued, saved and taken to the hospital. Irrespective of the injuries I received, I am
thankful to the lord for saving me from harm and all that can cause harm. The declarations of
the man of God when he said “We finish the year strong”, have preserved me and my family.
I thank God for this gospel which is life and spirit. Everyone in my family is growing into the
full stature of the son of God. In the face of this incident, the collective faith of my family and
the prayers all spoke for me. The angels of the lord were at work preserving my life, in the
unconsciousness state I found myself in.
During this year still, I had another accident. The man of God responded saying “Rest in the
father’s love. There is no loss in this season”. That is all I did and the story has turned around
for my good. I thank God for preserving my entire family especially my parents. Amidst all
odds, they stood their grounds, trusted in the lord and showed us the path of the gospel. I am
grateful to the father for them.
I am grateful for the preparation for all these years, the privilege it is to be under the
stewardship of this mandate, to be parented, fed, trained and equipped to be ministers of the
gospel. My life has been on a progressive and successive change. I thank God for the
privilege to avail myself to be a vessel of honor, to be used in my sphere of influence so that
Christ Jesus will be seen in me, as me and through me in all my endeavors. AMEN.

Merlin, Douala – Cameroon.

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