We count it a privilege to share these words of thanksgiving. “If it had not been the LORD” who
was on our side when men rose up against us, then they would have swallowed us alive when
their wrath was kindled against us. Then the waters would have overwhelmed us, the stream
would have gone over our souls. We have seen the Lord’s goodness, mercy and compassion from
2020 -2022. The prayers and the declarations of the Apostolate have kept us. Like the man of
God says, we have no idea what the Lord has preserved us from because it never happened.
2020-2021, I was diagnosed with Ptosis on the right side of my face. I was paralyzed on one side
of my body and the doctor diagnosed the possible cause to be a tumor in the brain and asked for
a scan. This was during the 21 days of meditation the man of God introduced. I remember
coming every day for meditation and listening to the voice of the man of God. When I went for
the scan, I kept hearing the voice of the man of God speaking within. That is how in the space of
one week, everything went back to normal and the scan showed nothing.
As if that was not enough that same 2021, the woman of God returned from the United States
and during the very first Wednesday service, she was led to minister to all in church that day.
When I got there I remember she said, “The time is now”! Before this declaration, the
Gynecologist said I was unable to bear a child and even proposed I consider surrogacy in
February. The woman of God made the declaration in March and in April, I got pregnant. They
said it was going to be very delicate but by the mercy of the Father, who gave not based on merit,
it was a smooth sail and today our miracle baby is here with us and growing gracefully. There
was more where that came from. In July 2022, I received a WhatsApp message from one of my
beloved sisters, sharing with me a job opportunity. I was hesitant but I was encouraged to go
I applied to be a content creator/ communications consultant for an international NGO, days to
the deadline. I didn’t do anything extra. Out of the over 500 applicants across Africa I was
contacted and after a thorough procedure, I was retained. My job covers over 44 African
countries and I get to work from home.
Most importantly, spiritually it has been a season of sobering thoughts and deep conviction. All
that could be tested in me during this season was tested and I am grateful through it all the Lord
enabled me to be quick to hear and align to the greater purpose of Christ. I am so thankful for the
prayers and meditation sessions that have continually kept my heart and mind attuned to Christ
and his plan per season. I have a greater awareness of Christ, his plans, purposes and pursuits
now that I did a few years back.
I was watching my marriage blessing the other day and the words of benediction from the
apostolate stood out. I was humbled to see how all they declared has come to pass. We have been
blessed. Ministerially speaking we are being established, we have our child, financially this
season we are growing exponentially, we are being honored by people and so much more.

You are to us the expression of God’s unconditionally love. As we behold you both in words and
manner of being, we too are being transformed into his image. We cannot cease to make mention
of you in our prayers because to us, you are the living voice of Christ in our generation. I love
and honor the Christ in you.
Leila, GCM Douala-Cameroon.

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