Thanksgiving for the Man, the Message and the Mandate

Charis Shalom Your Excellencies Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith. I want to give thanks for the teaching sessions we recently received on the theme “Vocation” and “Christophany Revisited”. My heart is filled with gratitude. Through those teachings my attentive audience to the gospel increased and listening to you enabled me focus on who I am in Christ, who supernaturally influences everything that constitutes my daily life.
All that I am is a gift of grace from the Father and I express gratitude for the life of Christ within me. I am His current residence called to serve effectively. I thirst to spread the gospel more and more within my jurisdiction. As Christ qualifies me for mission possible through your teachings which enlighten me, I continue to partake of all that God is. I bless the Father for the day I entered this household of faith where I learned that the Gospel is the relationship between the Father and His family.  Any other thing we want to add to it deprives it of its beauty.
I thank the Father for the Apostolic couple and their family. They are gift-men to the Church and to the world. Thank you Father for the message that I continue to grasp over and over again with humility. Thank you Father for the Mandate through which multitudes become aware that this generation is ours. We are deficient of nothing and we lack nothing. As we learn about our sonship, we respond to your call and we triumph over everything because victory is ours in Christ Jesus. Abba Father.