I stand to testify of God’s divine healing in my life. I came to this ministry suffering from all
sorts of diseases:

  • I had teary eyes and always walked with handkerchieffs. I had consulted a doctor who
    prescribed medications and glasses.
  • My left hand was paralysed for two years. I went for medical consultations, prayers, fasting
    and casting out of the demons which I supposed were responsible for the paralysis, but all was
    futile. The situation worsened.
  • I was diagnosed with a heart condition, when I asked the nurse for clarification, she said, “if
    the engine of a car is bad what do you expect?” Then I knew it was death.
  • My knees and legs were heavy such that I could not walk or enter a vehicle without pains.
  • I had a swollen neck which I covered with a cloth due to shame.
    After learning that Jesus is in me, I threw away the glasses and said Jesus cannot be in me and
    my eyes are sick. That very night, I slept on my left hand which had been paralyzed for two
    years, telling myself, Jesus cannot be in me and my left hand is paralyzed.
    The following day I went to see my former pastor to explain what I heard and was
    experiencing. He asked if I would still go back to that church and I said yes, because after
    hearing Jesus is in me, I wanted to hear what followed. After leaving him I went forth to see
    another female pastor and said to her, “sister, I went to a church yesterday and I learned that
    Jesus is in me, a new kind of Jesus. I slept on my left hand yesterday, something I had not
    done for two years”. I lifted up my left hand and swung it in all directions for her to see my
    healing.” She was happy and asked me to take her to church the following service.
    I also went to the ophthalmologist and told him, “Doctor, I will not honor your appointments
    anymore because yesterday in church I learned that Jesus is in me.” He looked at me angrily
    for about one minute, so I could not continue the explanation. I left him and went back home.
    During the next church service, I went to take the female pastor as agreed. She refused to
    follow me, giving the excuse that she could not leave her church to attend another church. I
    was angry while leaving her and couldn’t rejoice in church that morning because she refused
    to come with me.
    I started attending this church to learn the new doctrine of Jesus in me. I started the process of
    unlearning and learning. One day, the Man of God said, “Every good thing is in you in Christ
    Jesus” according to Philemon 1:6.” I began to meditate on this Word. Formerly, I was
    taught that my body is nothing, it has no use, and the only thing that matters is my spirit and
    soul. It was surprising to hear that every good thing is in my body which I had neglected my
    whole life. As the Man of God was ministering, I asked in my heart, “Do you mean this body
    is good in such a way that no bad thing is inside? He said, “yes, no sickness, no diseases.” I
    asked again, “Man of God, do you mean every good thing is in my body?” He said “yes”. I
    thanked him in the Spirit.

My daily prayer from that time changed. I started seeing my body carrying only good things,
no more sickness. I stopped praying for journey mercy, binding every demon and Satan on the
way and covering myself with the precious blood of Jesus. When I travel, whether by sea, car
or bike, I see only good things, no more fear of having an accident. When I go to court, I see
only good things. In my appointments and daily activities, I see only good things.
As time went on, I began experiencing a symptom in my body; my head and whole body
started spinning. I would become dizzy, unable to stand, sit or sleep. I had to tie my head with
a bandage to keep it still. The symptoms persisted but stood firm on Philemon 1:6. At one
point the pain became unbearable. I held my head and cried in pain. Someone said, “Comfort,
this is a sign of high blood pressure. I know you are a Christian; you are a child of God but
you need to see a doctor.” I said “No! That is not what the Man of God said.” The Man of
God told me “every good thing is in me in Christ Jesus.” He insisted that I get a diagnosis is
and return to the Man of God for prayers but I said, “the Man of God who opened my eyes to
see Philemon 1:6 did not say I should get a diagnoses then return for prayers. I did not
hear one thing to see another. No symptom will frighten me and I cannot frustrate the word of
God. I trust God and I trust His Word.” Today, that condition is history.


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