Divine Healing

On 26th March, 2020, I sent in my prayer request, standing on behalf of my younger brother.The doctors said there was a growth in his chest, causing him serious pains through his spinal cord. The Man of God made some declarations of total wholeness, unshakable assurance and rest in the love of God for my brother and loved ones.
I held these words in my mind and my brother was programmed for a complicated and very expensive operation. I still maintained my focus on these potent words and I want to thank God for these words manifested in my brother’s case.
My brother went through the operation successfully on the 21st of April, 2020 and even the huge amount demanded for the operation was made available by the power of God. He is recovering now from this situation and his healing and recovery process is progressing daily.
I give honour and glory to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for His infinite Mercy and Love upon the life of my brother and loved ones. I have come to experience one prayer and declaration the man of God usually does on our behalf: That because we identify ourselves in this gospel entrusted to him, we are not just preserved and protected but our families and loved ones are preserved and protected as well.
Thank you, Man of God, thank you Woman of God, for giving yourselves wholly in prayer for us and our loved ones.We know they shall come to the knowledge of Christ as their life as we continue to intercede on their behalf.