I am so grateful to be living this Life under the Apostolic covering of His Excellencies, Dr.
Shawn and Annie Smith. Thank you for teaching us Life. For opening our eyes to Light. For
teaching us to live in Love.
I would like to express my thanksgiving to the Father, in appreciation of the Man, the
Message and the Mandate. I always say that the proof of God’s love for me and my family is
that He made my path to cross that of this Ministry. Since then, I have never been the same.
It has been a process of growth, of learning and of failing and rising up again because the
message that is dispensed to us, day in and day out, does not leave us in condemnation but
in a joyful experience of Life.
This Gospel has imparted not only my life, but has also begun transforming my family.This
alone is a cause for thanksgiving for me, given that, in my early days in the ministry, it was a
tough struggle with my family, who would not accept me being in the ministry. However, I
thank God for our parents in the Lord, for their love and guidance. They have taught me to
love unconditionally and to rest in the Father’s love and to trust in His integrity. Today, not
only is my family very ok with my presence in the church, they too are beginning to follow
the teachings of the Man and Woman of God, with the most ardent follower being my
younger brother, whom I used to actually quarrel with over his refusal to come to church.
Today, he so gladly receives every word spoken from the pulpit.
Early in 2021, he had some challenges related to his career. His stay in the country where he
is was equally on the line because he had stopped working, not becuase he wanted to stop,
but due to some unforeseen events. There was no reason for the authorities to extend his
stay in that country. He spent five months not working, and each day he would check his
email to see if the Home Office had written asking him to leave the country. But the mail
never came (and he said, God blinded the eyes of the authorities to not see his case). Those
five months of him not working became a turning point for him. His schedule was less busy,
which meant he could follow every single service online. At the close of one service, he
repeated to me a phrase the Man of God made,”There are some people whom God removes
from employment and reorients them completely.” He just took that and believed the Man of
God was referring to him. He was then in a state of looking forward to God’s reorientation.
The Man of God had declared two weeks of the supernatural sometime between April and
May that year. My brother knew those were for him. During those two weeks, he had three
different job offers and all the institutions offering him a job also offered to sponsor the
extension of his visa, covering the expenditure (something he would have normally had to
spend his own money for). He made his choice among the three offers and today, he is
gladly working in a place where he feels so fulfilled, doing what he really wanted to do,
which was not the case before he stopped working.
I thank the Father also for family reconciliation. A few years back, my entire family was in a
rather disunited state. The Man of God always reminds us that we are called together with
our households. As tough and impossible as things seemed at the time, resting in those
words was just enough. There was no human intelligence to strategize the family

reconciliation. The Father worked it out all by Himself. I am grateful to God because this
reconciliation is being perfected.
I am convinced that my life has been preserved by virtue of this Ministry. Each service has
been a renewal session of my entire being.
Like the Woman of God would say, during healing services, when symptoms are named for
those suffering from them to come forth for ministration, do not leave yourself out of the
ministration of wholeness thinking the symptoms do not apply to you. This is because you
may be suffering from something without even knowing. The Father has preserved me and
my household, from sickness and disease. We have not had a reason to spend a night in the
I rejoice for there is so much more in Him for us to experience. And I am grateful to be in this
community of the saints, under the apostleship of Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith.
In Christ,

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