Thanksgiving for Total Life Transformation

Charis Shalom,
I want to seize the opportunity of sharing a praise report and wishing a happy mother’s day to Dr. Annie Smith. You have been a priceless and divine gift to me. I have never had a woman or motherly figure in my life that emulates Christ. When God opened my eyes to His gospel, I always longed to have a woman, a mother I could look up to and learn from.

I have been under your ministration, you and the Man of God for two and a half years now and my life has totally been transformed. I am no longer ashamed of my past and I no longer feel guilty for the things that happened to me. I do not struggle with low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts anymore. My heart is no longer filled with bitterness and sorrow. For once in my life, I have felt truly accepted, loved, and cherished. As a young lady, I have learned about womanhood, relationships, marriage, and motherhood from you, Dr. Annie Smith, and I keep growing in knowledge and understanding. Words are limited to truly express how my life has turned around. I am a different person altogether. Today I exude and live Christ, something I never even dreamt of.

Thank you so much for who you are to me. Thank you for availing yourself to be used by God to transform lives around the world. I am super blessed and privileged to belong to this amazing household of faith.