It is with great honour to the Lord that I share my praise report on the joy which the Gospel has
produced in my heart throughout this season. The man of God used to say, the term Gospel
means, “God’s spell” and the Gospel casts a spell of joy on its hearers. This has been my
experience as I continue to give myself to the hearing of the Gospel.
On Sunday, the Man of God said the Mystery of Christ Revealed is more to be adored than
understood. He went further to say: “no earthly reasons can justify our presence in this world”.
On Wednesday, Pst. Ferdinand said we rejoice and celebrate the Gospel even when we do not
understand. Some years ago, the Man of God taught on the Blessing of the Gospel from
Ephesians 1:1 following. He outlined some blessings which include: Election, Adoption,
Accepted in the beloved, Redemption, Forgiveness, Wisdom and Prudence. The remembrance of
this teaching on the blessings which we have freely been given in Christ before the foundation of
the world together with all the teachings being poured out this season, keep my heart in great
rejoicing and thanksgiving.
I go to sleep with joy, wake up with joy and carry out my daily activities with joy. Even the way
I face what will normally be challenging is different. I just realize I am joyful and happy, not
complaining, murmuring or trying to look for who to blame. It is my desire that anyone I come in
contact with in my sphere of influence, should receive the Gospel and this same spell of joy
which it produces. Amen.

Kumba, Cameroon

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